Nannies … here’s NNRW 2017 Letter to Parents to provide to your employers to let them know about NNRW.

Interested in hosting an event in your city, state or country? We would love to have you join us in our efforts of bringing NNRW to nannies and families across the globe.

When planning an event, please refer people to our website,, letting them know about our history, our resources, and our Nanny Gift Shop.

Please email us at, and let us know what and when you will be planning, so we can share on our social media.

Please refer to NNRW as National Nanny Recognition Week. It is not Nanny Recognition Week, Nanny Appreciation Week, etc. The official name is National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW).

As our event grows, so has the participation. We’ve added International to our family of supporters. ┬áThe official hashtags of NNRW are:



No person, group or agency can assume rights to NNRW or iNNRW.